Welcome to my new home!

Who am I, and what am I doing here?

I used to write a (very) occasional blog about my life as a young filmmaker and all my ongoing projects. My viewpoint is the one of a cinematographer, cameraman, DoP, human tripod (or whatever you prefer to call it, most people say “Hey, you, there!”), and my musings generally relate to either the artistic or the technical aspects of this fine profession. I worked a number of years in Tromsø and Oslo shooting short films with amazingly talented young directors, lighting commercials and features with experienced and extremely knowledgable gaffers, and even managed to crown my efforts with a cinematic gaffer-credit of my own before this path lead me to the Norwegian Film School, where I spend my days listening, experimenting and learning.

This is also where I met fellow blogger Karsten, who convinced me to move my blog and become more active at it. I have to admit that this is partly a learning project and/or playground for myself where I post findings and thoughts from exciting experiments and projects I’m working on, but I’m hoping to bring some interesting insights as well, and through that make my contribution to a worldwide family of visual pioneers. After all, you can never completely learn this profession — it’s an ongoing journey.

Why do I write in English?

No big thing, really, I just like the worldwide aspect of the web, and this is my small contribution to it. And it gives me an excuse to keep practicing my written English. I hope none of my (presumably) mostly Norwegian readers take offence.