C-Mon & Kypski Offers One Frame of Fame

In 1989 Madonna spent more than $5 000 000 to create a music video for the song Express Yourself (directed by David Fincher). Today, bands like OK Go record their videos on cheap DV cameras in their own backyard, while C-Mon & Kypski have their fans contribute in the latest internet phenomena called One Frame of Fame.

My classmate Jørgen first showed me this interesting music video/social media experiment/viral campaign for the (at least to me) unknown band C-Mon & Kypski which features 6843 (and counting) frames of fans mirroring dance moves on their webcams to create something that looks like a mix between stop motion animation and bullet time. Basically, you play back the video, and at certain points the video cuts from the performance of the band member to a short sequence of fanframes that continue the movement. You come back tomorrow, and the video will have evolved with even more fans joining in.

In the modern music video, concept is king.

Reminds me of an Icelandic short film I saw some years ago (Þröng sýn) where the filmmakers had been sitting in the streets asking random people to draw individual frames of the film on top of the images they had shot (16000 drawings by 1350 members of the public). Only with the added benefit of the internet.GPTVG49D4YA3