What’s Up

I haven’t been able to post anything in quite a while, as my life has been crazy busy these past months. Along with getting a blog up and running for The Norwegian Film School, I’ve shot a number of exciting projects. This is a little taste of what’s to come. (Keep in mind that most of these are works in progress.)

Short film project with directing duo Christian Loennechen and Harald Mæle Jr.

Commercial with director Joakim Molteberg, produced by Pravda.

“I egne tanker”
Short film project with director Christian Loennechen, produced by Feil Film. Premiered in Oslo before Christmas.

Short film project with director Aasne Vaa Greibrokk. Premiered in competition at Tromsø International Film Festival in January.

“Rissimo – Hetro spytting”
Music video with director Kristoffer Nyborg. Premiering soon.

“Penneprøve 7”
School project with director Mikal Hovland at The Norwegian Film School.