Stikkord: ‘cinematography’

22. August 2011

The Cinematographer

From the always interesting blog of British cinematographer Stephen Murphy, comes this gem of a YouTube-video. Amazing how much and at the same time … [1]

4. February 2011

What’s Up

I haven’t been able to post anything in quite a while, as my life has been crazy busy these past months. Along with getting a blog up and running for The Norwegian Film School, I’ve shot a number of exciting projects. This is a little taste of what’s to come. (Keep in mind that most of these are works in progress.) [4]

19. May 2010

Shooting 3D

3D is coming, now also to Norway. I spent Saturday with graduating cinematographer Kristoffer Archetti, head teacher and cinematographer Kjell Vassdal and a slew of other experienced colleagues at Bislett Stadium, shooting Kristoffer’s final project at The Norwegian Film School with a couple of REDs and the STEREOTEC 3D-rig, recently brought to Norway by ULTIMAX 3D and director/cinematographer Morten Skallerud. [2]

6. May 2010

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Shoot

How do you approach the shot making process when working with a director on a film project? When most young directors say they want it …

15. March 2010

An Ode To Film

I’ve spent a few blogposts writing about the exciting advances in digital acquisition, so I think it’s time to give some much deserved attention … [3]

24. February 2010

Mysterious Glitches in Shutter Island

WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD. Did he do that on purpose? I’m still wondering, and looking around on the internet hasn’t offered much of an answer. … [7]

8. February 2010

Approaching ISO 1600

Exciting things are happening in digital film cameras, as both RED and Arri are rolling out new sensors rated at ISO 800, with relatively … [5]

26. January 2010

Exercise 4

We are wrapping up our first proper project together in Lillehammer, a 4 minute sequence from an imagined longer story entitled “The Settlement” (attempted … [2]

23. December 2009

Evolution: HDSLR Cinematography

HDSLR is the one to the right (Image by Apart from maybe the reintroduction of 3D and the final breakthrough of the RED digital … [6]

9. December 2009

Séraphine and Colour Contrast

Cinematographers often express a great amount of respect for the art of painting, and many consider painters a vital source of inspiration for their … [7]