Stikkord: ‘hdslr’

14. July 2010

What Is HDSLR Good For?

I won’t spend too much time writing about HDSLR on this site, but I am interested in finding out what they’re good for. Unlike others, I am a bit skeptical to the current generation, and after testing them on a few projects, I am still convinced that this is nowhere near what you would expect from a professional digital motion picture camera. However, it is a very affordable tool with a specific aesthetic (due to sensor size) that few other solutions in the same price range can offer. This is my take on the format and how to avoid the biggest issues associated with it. [9]

23. December 2009

Evolution: HDSLR Cinematography

HDSLR is the one to the right (Image by Apart from maybe the reintroduction of 3D and the final breakthrough of the RED digital … [6]