Stikkord: ‘production’

4. February 2011

What’s Up

I haven’t been able to post anything in quite a while, as my life has been crazy busy these past months. Along with getting a blog up and running for The Norwegian Film School, I’ve shot a number of exciting projects. This is a little taste of what’s to come. (Keep in mind that most of these are works in progress.) [4]

25. July 2010

Kiki — a Production Diary

I had a great time in Lofoten earlier this month — more precisely at a surfing spot near a village called Unstad, lighting a short film for my friend Torkel Riise Svenson. The film is about a surfer who is forced to move away from the beach by the local authorities because they want to make way for German tourists, but of course, he’s not going to make it that easy for them. [4]

6. May 2010

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Shoot

How do you approach the shot making process when working with a director on a film project? When most young directors say they want it …